Friday, November 8, 2013

Rules my butt

The thing about rules is some are reasonable and some are... whats the word? JUST SO DUMB YOU CAN'T HANDLE THEM!!! Oh look I found the word. So if you go to Colchester middle school then you should know who Mr. Gagne is. He is a social studies teacher for 7th and 8th graders. Right now we are learning about colonies, and the French and Indian war. So he made these rules that apparently we have to "follow". Kids don't want rules Mr. Gagne!!!! Some rules are reasonable. But now wearing YELLOW? So is he going to sue the sun because it shines in the room? So, i'm blonde, i'm just waiting for him to come in one class and say, "Rebecca you know the rules, no yellow in the classroom. I'm going to have to cut your hair off. sorry." And he takes out a pair of yellow sico- sorry green scissors and starts cutting it off. Thats just what I think. So today I'm wearing yellow. And I walk up to Mr. Gagne and tell him that i'm wearing yellow. And he said that he is to. I said oh yeah. And as I was walking away he said that I should just bring him one of my Gagne bucks. NOT IF THERE RIPPED UP BY THE BEGINNING OF CLASS HE'S NOT GETTING ONE. Thats what I think. tell me what you think about the dumb rules in the comment section bellow.

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  1. This is so true but so funny at the same time.