Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You think you know a person, but do you really?.......

You think you know a person. But have you ever asked yourself this question? "Self do I really know this person?." The answer in your mind is probably "yes".  I know everything about this person.BUT THE REAL ANSWER IS NO, YOU DON'T, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT PERSON!!!! YOU THINK YOU KNOW THEM BUT YOU REALLY DON'T!!!! Sorry I got a little uptight. Just a little!!!! No big deal. So onto a new topic you can hear me and watch how I make videos on youtube. One of my videos is called "FLYING IN ROBLOX!!!" The roblox person you see is totally different. I got the robloxian 2.0!!! And to find the right one you should see a pink john deer next to it. Please comment subscribe and like. And I have made many different videos, like halo reach,minecraft,assasin's creed, and of course roblox. I might make a vlog to so you can get to know me more!! Ok comment in the section below!! bye and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Already snow on the ground!!! Well it is Vermont. So for some of you,you already started to snowboard and ski. I have my own snowboard and my own ski's. I've already started to cross-country skiing!! And I've also started to snowboard up at Bolton. OK Christmas time!!! So some of you have already gotten out your Christmas tree and put out lights, and reefs. If you haven't well...... GET THEM OUT PEOPLE GET INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!! I've got my reefs out. We are getting a real tree this year! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I don't know about you though. If you don't celebrate Christmas because of your religion, then happy Haunika or Merry Christmas, or Merry x-mas. Have a good holiday, no matter how you celebrate or even if you don't celebrate it then, still have a good holiday!!!